Organic Business Development
A short resume

Development at Three Levels
All our Organic development tools help trim the organization to optimal performance at three,
increasingly detailed levels, right from the "Helicopter" (overview) level at ove end of the scale
to the "down-to-earth", hands-on level at the other end of the scale.
Incremental Inprovement
The value increment, e.g. increased efficiency and profitability, will materialize little by little, in
step with the implementation of the individual measures, and once these measures have become
an integral part of the daily operations, their positive and value adding effect will continue to be
felt long after their implementation.

Organisational Development Products                   Level                            Charateristics

Business Excellence                                            Strategic                  360 degree

Lean Management                                              Tactical                    Value adding

Best Practice training                                          Operational               High quality/high service in all job-functions 

Target Group (for all three above products)

Healthy and well-run companies seeking a general / further trimming or perhaps a continuous optimization
of the overall set-up of the organization, typically because they want to attain:

  • Financial improvement
  • A better and / or safer workplace
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased customers satisfaction
  • Reduction of error and error-related costs
  • ISO certification
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