Lean Management
A short resume

The Efficient Company
Lean Management is a management philosophy, the gist of which is to do away with, or adjust,
all those processes which do not add real value to the company either in the short or long term.
Some of the characteristics of lean managment are:

  • Define what constitutes value increment for the company
  • Focus on value increment
  • Define and meet organizational goals
  • Meet the customers' needs
  • Optimize flows and work processes            
  • Focus on Processes

What exactly constitutes value (increment) for a given company can only be defined by its
management. Manstep, however, can actively assist the management in getting an overview
of all the work processes and flows within the company. We will then, i.e. via interviews and
observation, assess the quality and value-adding effect of each process and take steps to
ensure that those processes which are not adding sufficient value are trimmed/optimized, so
that hte company will be able to meet its objectives in a cost-effective (i.e. "lean") manner.

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