Knowledge Coaching
A short resume
We all possess a huge amount of active as well as passive knowledge acquired over the years
through experience, formal and informal education, on-the-job and other job-related training
courses, etc.

As opposed to our active knowledge, our passive knowledge is hardly ever used, normally
because it has been allowed to sink into oblivion.

Considering the effort and money, which have been spent on accuiring all that passive knowledge.
Not tapping into this huge pool of unutilized talent is a measurable waist of vital know-how, for all
parties involved

In our 1 and 1 coaching, we help the individual recall his passive knowledge and we give him tools
to reactive whichever part of it can benefit him in current job. The result is an increase in his
personal capability and efficiency.
Target Groups
Managers and employees who want to increase their professional efficiency, through increased
awareness of their own talents and unutilized knowledge.

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