A short resume

Manstep takes you to a new level.
We help organizations with Active Knowledge Sharing. The organization's knowledge and ability to share knowledge across boarders, cultures, departments and people is essential for all business or organizations. The result is a self-aligned culture that quickly reaches their goals.

Manstep solutions (the chosen few)

WorkDynamic (NEW)
A new solution that creates a strong and dynamic culture. It’s a
universal implementing tool that contains 75% of all employee loyalty elements.

Knowledge Coaching
90% of human’s knowledge is passive.
10% is active knowledge. Release a major part of this passive knowledge and create new growth.

Best Practice training

Audi, Volvo and Renault state that our solution is "World class". We
prefer to call it common sense and good training 


Dynamic Project- management (NEW)
A new dynamic project management tool.
It adapt automatic to
the latest know how
and customer needs.

Next Practice
All companies’ loss knowledge and ideas - every day. Next Practice
gathers both and creates a new practice.


Innovation springs from different 4 wells. Manstep has special solutions to all 4 innovations wells.


Mansteps focus areas

We believe in that the necessary knowledge exists in the company. But 90 % of this is passive knowledge. It must be transformed into active knowledge to create value. That's exactly what Manstep do for you.

 Mission: Our customers will achieve: 
      Loyal customers and loyal employees 

          Visible and measurable results     

              Mansteps 3 working areas:

  •  We turn passive knowledge into active   
     - and share this new knowledge
  •  We take the human behavior to a new level  
  •  And we raise the level of innovation measurable


Manstep - Fugleparken 71 - 2690 Karlslunde - Telefon: 46 15 15 52 - Telefax: 46 15 15 54 - E-mail: info@manstep.dk
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