Our Competencies
A short resume
Our Competencies
At Manstep, we are very conscious about our own compentencies! We are not a cunsultancy
supermarket, rather we fill in the part of a professional sparring partner, who knows his own
strenghts and linitations. We are always very frank about telling the prospective client, up front,
whether or not we will be equal to the task at hand.

Manstep's competency wheel
Below, you will see our "compentency wheel" which, at a glance, shows you which of our products
(i.e. competencies) will be able to meet your company's needs, given its current situation (i.e. "life
cycle" phase). All the various "corporate life cycle phases" are shown at the yellow centre of the
wheel, and the corresponding Manstep products are shown, next to each of them, in the outer
(red, green or purple) rings of the wheel.

                                                      You'll find the same products in our product-frame

Manstep, a company with strong competencies
We constantly strive to cultivate and refine our own compentencies so that we can meet our clients'
expectations and needs in the best possible way. If our own compentencies will not quite suffice, or
if we have a partner within our network who - thanks to his expert knowledge - will be able to solve
task better or faster than us, we will be always refer the clint to that partner. We consider it a strength
that we are fully aware of our own capabilities and limitations and that we always state our position clearly,
up front. Put shortly, we wish to ensure that our clients, rather than having to settle for the second best,
will always get the best possible assistance available.
Manstep - Fugleparken 71 - 2690 Karlslunde - Telefon: 46 15 15 52 - Telefax: 46 15 15 54 - E-mail: info@manstep.dk
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