Our Products

A short resume

Manstep's products have all been developed in response to our clients' needs. All the products shown
in the below table will bring our customers lasting and measurable changes, to the benefit of everyone.

The positive changes will take place in irrespective of whether the products are used individually or in
combination. When used in combination, though, our products will mutually support each other.

Our competency wheel
As a supplement to the above product overview table, please also see our "competency wheel" which -
in a graphical format - will give you an overview of which of our products will best match the exact
"company cycle phase" in which your company is currently situated.




Significant business development

Turn around

·          Significant economic savings

·          Release new internal resources

·          Short and effective process

Organic business development

Business Excellence

·          360 degrees overview over the business 

·          International benchmarking tool

·          Prioritization of tasks 

Lean management

·          Optimization tools 

·          Value added

·          Focus on processes 

Best Practice training

·          Sharing know-how /knowledge management

·          Bigger motivation

·          Efficiency and quality (+15% / +25%)

Dynamic Project-management (NEW)

·          The flexible project management tool

·          Continuous picking up new experience

·          Made by human – used by human


Next Practice

·          Employee Innovation (+ 500%)

·          Product development

·          Continuous improvement

WorkDynamic (NEW)

·          The permanent implementing network

·          Creates a dynamic and strong business culture

·          Interdisciplinary network structure

Customers Voice

·          The customers voice internal in the company

·          Customer driven Innovation

·          Focus on the customers needs

Personal coaching

Knowledge Coaching

·          Utilize passive knowledge

·          Find the solution within you self

·          Get to know you real competence

Search Coaching

·          Effective job search

·          Career change 

·          Listen to your inner voice 

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