Customer feedback
A short resume


  • Dai Nippon Printing Ltd.
  • Fibervisions Ltd.
  • Rockwool Ltd.
  • Codan Gummi Ltd.
  • Glenco Ltd.
  • Panther Plast Ltd.
  • Junkers Industrier Ltd.       
  • NKT Ltd.
  • House of Prince Ltd.   
  • And many more ...              

Ecperpts from our customer feed-back:

Technical manager at Rockwool Ltd:
"Thanks you for great and weel executed conaultancy work"

Head of department at Codan Gummi Ltd.
"After having implemented the Best Practie concept we have, within a 12-month period, saved DKK 4.1 mio in our
DKK 50 mio. divisional budget, and what's more: Our international customers are very impressed with the overall
quality increase which we have also attained in the process".

Feedback from an amployee of Panther Plast Ltd:
"The consultants were very inspiring and super professional".

Sales manager with Dai Nippon Printing Ltd:
We were the first company to implement Best Practice way back in the 90ties, which we definitely have not regretted
doing. Our customers and Japanese share owners have visited us, in order to personally inspect our overall lift in
efficiency and quality. Moreover, our biggest US-customer has subsequently implemented the same system in their
own company".

Controller at Glenco Ltd:
"Thanks to the Best Practice method our variable profit ratio in the plumbing and heating has, on a national basis,
increased by 4-5 per cent and locally by 10-12 per cent within the past 12 months". 

Managing director (CEO) at Glenco Ltd:
"We have made the Best Practice process one of the leading principles so that it eventually will be applied throughout
our company".

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